Monday, March 29, 2010


I figured I'd take advantage of Jake sleeping in this morning and update the blog! It's way overdue, but HEY, life happens :) There's really nothing overly exciting to post about, except for life is good!!

Even though for the past month Jake has been cutting molars, which has NOT been pleasant for him, or his parents. I wish they would all just come through at once, but instead they have to make their grand appearances and speaking of which, he still has one to go. "Teething Jake" is hard on me because he is clingy and cranky and irritable, which is the opposite of "Normal Jake." I'm so excited for him to be talking and be able to tell me what is wrong with him instead of me trying to guess, or get impatient with him because he won't stop tugging on my leg and wanting to be held all day. When he does this I should just be more sensitive to him and recognize that he must not feel good. I've just been spoiled with a kid who usually is content to just do whatever, and who doesn't need my attention all the time. So my new goal is to be more patient with him the next time he gets clingy, and remember that for him to be like that, he probably is not feeling his best. But for the time being, I get to enjoy "Normal Jake," until those darn teeth start making their way through again!

But life is good, and I feel very blessed to have Steve and Jake with me. The weather is perfect here, and with it getting darker later, we've been able to enjoy more time outside together and it's been so much fun. I'm SOO excited for summer, to be able to take Jake swimming every day and have lots of BBQ's with friends and go camping and get a tan, and for a family reunion with Steve's side, and for my family to move only about an hour away from us!!!! That's the thing I'm looking forward to the most this summer, I'm SO EXCITED!!! It was a totally random thing, my dad is just relocating for his job, and it just so happens to be an hour away. :) It's just so funny because Steve and I NEVER saw ourselves living in California, but now that we're here we don't want to go anywhere else, we love it!! And my parents never saw themselves living in Cali either, but here we all are! And I know they are going to love it. I'm looking forward to free babysitting..... hehe ;)

Anyways, that's really all I have to say! OH, except that Jake is turning 15 months tomorrow, and he is just such a funny kid, I love him!!! I'll update on that after he has his Dr. appt. in a week or so, but he's growing like crazy, as all kids are. When did he turn into a little boy?? **Sigh...** Well, speaking of Jake, he's awake and ready to go, talking to himself in his crib ;)

Bring on the day!!!!