Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is life without friends??

In our case, what is life without the Zarlengo's?!?! We absolutely LOVE this family. Steve and Nate work together, and also click really well, and Autumn and I have become super close, super fast. And I love that. They moved about 3 minutes away a few months ago, so we get together a lot, needless to say :) And Jake and Kaleb have become best buddies, and play together pretty perfectly, most of the time, which makes our get-togethers even better. This post is a little tribute to them, with a HUGE thank you for adding some "spice" to our lives :)

On Memorial Day we met at Coronado Beach, and got some bad sunburns! Well, at least Steve and I did, haha. The little boys had a blast playing in the ocean, and would giggle at each other every time a wave would come up. Cuteness. The big boys had fun too, of course ;)

HA, the sand was CAKED on Jake's little bum!
So, Autumn and I go on a lot of bide rides together, and put the boys in the trailer behind one of the bikes (which is a BEAST to pull up hills, let me tell ya!!!). This is what happens on most of the bike rides, tee hee:
AND Autumn and I usually end up looking like this: dripping sweat with beet red faces. Hey, it's HOT here!
Our famous pizza that we're trying to perfect. We stole the idea from the Village Pizzeria in Coronado, it's called the Billy Goat, and it is YUM. Picture this: an olive oil/garlic base, TONS of mozz., sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, goat cheese (it melts in your mouth, so good), fresh spinach a little wilted, purple onion, fresh basil and thickened balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering as I type this.....
This is their dog, Boston. Jake wishes he was ours.
Yay for kiddie pools, backyards and hoses! And the fact that the Zarlengo's have all of them ;)

We Love "Pa!"

Oh my goodness, it is SOOOO CLOSE to when my WHOLE family is moving to SoCal, about an hour away from us!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm EXCITED?!?!?! They are getting here on Tuesday, July 6th, which is only a little more than a week away. BAH!!! Anyways ;) So, my dad (Jake calls him "Pa," it's so cute) has been here for a few weeks already for work, and he has come to see us a couple times, and we have had tons of fun. Hurry the rest of you and get here already!

So, some of you may know that I am a DIE HARD St. Louis Cardinals fan. Born and raised until I was 12 in St. Louis, the highlights of my summers as a kid were always when my dad took us to baseball games, which happened often. I love LOVE going to baseball games. The green grass, perfectly mowed, being amazed at how far the players can throw the ball, the smell of hotdogs and nachos, "baseball" music played from the organ, feeling the pride of being an American when they sing the Star-Spangled Banner, AHH I just love it. Well, my dad was awesome enough to take us to see an MLB game in San Diego when the Cardinals came to town, WOOT WOOT!!! And there was actually a lot of red in the stadium, but why wouldn't there be, the Cards are theBEST ;)

(and check out that view of the Coronado bridge!)

Jake was obsessed with the cardinals on our shirts, he kept pointing to them and saying "Teet teet, teet teet!"

Another amazing game for the Cardinals, they killed the Padres, 8-3! AND Albert Pujols hit an awesome home-run, surprise surprise... hehe.

The next activity on our agenda was going to Old Town San Diego to go see the newly renovated Mormom Battalion. It was SOO COOL, and whoever is reading this that lives in SoCal, or if you are planning a vacation here, and you haven't been there, you MUST go!!! They did such a great job with the way they present everything, with all of the updated technology. Like, at the end of the presentation, they take your picture and they are able to email it to you AND they print off a hard copy. And this is what it looks like:

You can't really tell, but we're sitting in the front of a covered wagon.

They have an area outside where you can get more hands-on with the goings-on of what they did back in the pioneer days in California. Here we are panning for gold, or uh, pyrite ;)

Jake LOVED this water pump. He would try as hard as he could to pump it faster and faster. I'm surprised he didn't break it!

And brick-making. This was also a fun little area to stack the bricks and put them in the molds. I just can't even explain how awesome this place is. Everyone should go!

And we can't go to Old Town without going to Casa de Reyes! Plus, we worked up an appetite after the Battalion!

Jake and Pa are best buds, for reals. I love when my dad comes to visit us because it's pretty much a guarantee that Jake will be happy non-stop. Come again SOON Dad, we love you!!!