Monday, August 8, 2011

Cars 2 with Daddy

The day after Cars 2 came out in the theatres, Steve took Jake on a date to go see it!! Steve said they had so much fun and Jake sat still pretty much the whole time. Maybe we can start going to the theatre more often now..... if only it wasn't so expensive!! I love that Steve is a family man and that he loves his kids and wants to spend quality time with them. He's soooo good at finding ways to play with them and let them know he loves them even though he doesn't have a lot of spare time. I know our kids will grow up knowing and having the security that they have a dad who loves them. Such a blessing.

The Biggest Mess EVER

One day while I was putting Evan down for a nap, I came out to a cloud... wait no, that's not the right word. I came out to a BLIZZARD of baby powder. It. Was. Aweful. My angel 2 1/2 year old was obviously the culprit. That day I was ready to sell him to the gypsies!! Luckily God gives us humor and I'm able to laugh about it now.
If that's not the guiltiest face you've ever seen....He even poured baby powder over our laptop....
Needless to say, I will NEVER leave baby powder out in the open ever again!!! It was in the cracks and crevices of EVERYTHING. The books, the TV, the laptop, the grout in front of the fireplace.... everything. Ugh. Jake it's a good thing I'll always love you no matter what!!!! ;)

My Boys :)

Here are just some pictures of my three loves. I'm soooo lucky to have them, I love being my little loves' mom, and my big love's wife ;) When I found out that Jake was going to be a boy, my first thought was, after growing up with mostly sisters, "I don't know what I'm going to do with a boy!" But now, if we ever have a girl, my first thought will be, " I don't know what I'm going to do with a girl!" I love boys, they melt my heart!!

Pretty much every weekend we'll find Steve out on his hammock at least once. Evan was a thumb sucker for about a week and then he wanted the binkie again.Every time we go to my parents' house Jake wants to pull out this train set. Luckily we had Steve there this time to help put it together, it's a beast!!Couldn't ask for more.

The Month of May

WE LOVE OUR CHUNKSTER!!!! Evan has really filled out lately and he is as CUTE as ever!!!! We just love him, he has been the perfect addition to our family. He is 2 1/2 months here, and he's so super chill and content with life. So opposite from his brother, haha.
Trip to Disneyland with my mom, siblings and the boys. FUN!!
My grandma came to visit for Mother's Day and she brough Jake a Mater bubble blower that blows bubbles out the side when you push it. I don't think I need to explain how much he loves this thing. Good call grandma!!
Sweet Evan
I LOVE THIS BOY!!!!! He is a complete ball of endless energy and he wears me out but he's just so darn cute!! He's such a cheeseball and I know he's going to grow up and be just like his goofball daddy ;) He also says the funniest things and has us laughing constantly. His tantrums and frustrations are also becoming less and less. They still happen, don't get me wrong, but it's not as bad as it used to be.Happy 26th birthday to me and happy birthday grandma!!! He bday is 2 days before mine. It's always been a special time for us to share together :) I love you grandma!!!I got a WII!!! Soooo excited!!!!He's starting to get stronger legs.The boys can take baths together now.Markers + Jake + no supervision = this:
Our blue eyed baby :) Too bad the blue has turned into hazel :/ I WILL get a blue eyed child eventually!! haha
This happens often with the boys in the car. Too bad Evan doesn't always like when Jake tries to hold his hand haha. It's the thought that counts ;)
Our friend Jeremy came to visit us from Utah. They've been friends since high school, and we love when he comes to visit!! He's Jake's Uncle Jer Bear lol.
Cool sand turtle that Uncle Jer Bear made ;)
CUTIE!!! and he loves his aunt HannahKite flying on Memorial Day. I don't know who had more fun, Jake or Steve.
This video is just a day in the life of. Jake was about 29 months here and Evan was about 2 months.

Our New Home!!

Back in May 2011(my birthday weekend actually) we moved from Murrieta, CA to Thousand Oaks, CA. WE LOVE IT HERE!!!! We don't ever want to leave. But with Steve's job moving us around after every hospital/health care project is finished, we know we'll have to leave eventually. The contract is up in January of 2012, but there is potential for Layton (Steve's company) to get another job on the same hospital they're working on now and that will keep us here for another 1 1/2 to 2 years. CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!!! We LOVE our ward here, everyone has been so nice and welcoming. We've made some good friends already and there are quite a few young families that have kids the same ages as ours. The weather is perfect ALL the time, we're 1/2 hour from the beach, lots of great shopping close by, lots of awesome hiking trails and outdoor activities to do, and we feel safe here. So here are some pictures of our new place!! Oh and don't laugh, but the complex is called The Knolls!!! LOL!!! It was NOT intentional that we ended up at a place with our same last name, but we get a good laugh out it. Knowles at the Knolls ;)
Our front porch. We love the space!
master bed room (we've done some "remodeling" haha, pictures to come soon!)
master bath, shower/toilet is through a door on the right
more master bedroom

kitchen, and my FAVORITE part: NO CARPET IN THE DINING AREA!!!! You're also looking into the master bedroom on the right. Just in case you couldn't tell ;)
more kitchen

guest bath/shower

the 2nd porch outside Evan's room. We LOVE that there are 2 porches.

Evan's room :)
Jake's Room :)
hallway (looking straight into guest bath sink area, and boys rooms are on right.)
living room
more living room
aaaaand more living room
And there you have it!! There have been some MAJOR changes since we moved in and I'll get pictures up... uhhh... eventually, haha.