Tuesday, August 4, 2009


About a week ago, Jake started making this weird wheezing noise a few hours after I fed him a new food, I think it was peaches???, and I was worried that he might be having an allergic reaction, but then when I picked him up he was just fine. Of course. I kept an eye on him for the rest of the day, but it ended up being yet another new noise. For a couple days, he used this noise when he wanted my attention, but now he makes this noise all the time, whether he's playing with his toys, getting his diaper changed, eating in his highchair, in the tub, after he wakes up and is waiting for me to come get him, whenever!! It's hilarious!! He is a crack-up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Month Down

It seems like just yesterday I put together Jake's 6 month post, and now I'm doing his 7th!! Time is just flying by, and Jake is not slowing down for a second! He is such a funny little guy, you can't help but laugh at him. We still continue to see his strong-willed, persistent personality shine through, and even though it frustrates me sometimes when I want him to do something and he wants to do the opposite, I know that someday these traits will make him a more successful person, hopefully :), and I hope that he will continue to be a go-getter and self-motivated person throughout his life. I just hope I can channel him in the right direction! But along with all this, he really is such a fun, happy little boy, he loves to smile and play with his toys, and he has developed a love for stuffed animals, haha. Being his mom gets more and more fun the older he gets! The new happenings of this month are:
  • he can crawl!!
  • he pulls himself up on EVERYTHING
  • he's getting his two top teeth in
  • he's learning what "no" means, haha
  • he likes to crawl over to people and climb up their legs as if to say, "hold me!," but then when you pick him up, he just wants to be put back down again and keep crawling, silly kid!
  • I've noticed that he is becoming a picky eater.... not too excited about this one :/
  • he can use his finger and thumb (pincer grasp) to pick things up, so he is able to feed himself soft finger foods
  • he's matured socially, it's hard to explain, but he's just more into people now, if that makes sense!

So, yeah, it has been a pretty eventful month! Steve and I are having so much fun with him and are really enjoying him, he is a great kid!!! We love him more and more every day.

Steve's new way of "lifting weights," hehe
Helping Mom with laundry....
....until he caged himself in! HA!!
Playing with Dad on his little scooter thing
Enjoying graham crackers, what a ham!
He loves to stand up in his crib, he thinks he's pretty hot stuff :)
One of his new favorite places to play! Yeah, he doesn't like to be put in his exersaucer anymore, but he still likes to play under it and stand around it.
Haha, Jake was off in his own little world, just "chatting" away to himself. It was too cute to not get on tape!