Friday, July 1, 2011

A Spontaneous Saturday

So, I guess I should mention that we moved! We moved from Murrieta, CA to Thousand Oaks, CA (about 2 hours north) almost 2 months ago at the beginning of May for Steve's job relocation. We had been in Murrieta for 2 1/2 years and we were soooo sad to go, we LOVED it there. But we are LOVING Thousand Oaks, too!! We have had a really warm welcome from everyone here at church and with our neighbors, and it's helped a lot! Anyways, that's a different post ;) But that info. ties in with this post. We were actually feeling spontaneous one Saturday before we were going to move, and Steve didn't have to work, so we were trying to think of what we could do that we hadn't ever done. Steve had heard of this hike to a pretty waterfall called Tenaja Falls, and it was SUCH a pretty day, we couldn't waste it inside! So we packed Jake up in the hiking backpack and Evan in the wrap and off we went! At first we couldn't figure out how to get to the mail trail, it wasn't marked very well. We started off trying to climb over these big boulders going through a stream because that's how someone told us to get to trail, but I didn't feel comfortable with Steve carrying Jake on his back and me carrying Evan in the wrap. The rocks were slippery and one wrong move and a slip and someone could get pretty hurt. So we found a slab of concrete to sit down and eat our lunch. It was so peaceful there, just us and the sound of rushing water and the sunshine.... perfect :)

While we were eating lunch, there were some people who were also trying to find the main trail and didn't want to climb over the big boulders either, so they ended up just wading across the stream! Genious! Lots of people ended up doing it that way once we caught on to their brilliant idea. So Steve took his shoes off, rolled his pantlegs up and carried Jake across first and then carried me on his back. I started slipping and didn't want to get wet so I was hanging on for dear life and it made me laugh so hard I peed my pants!! Hey don't judge, Evan was only 4 weeks old!! lol, TMI, yeah I know ;)

Pretty view!!

And... the waterfall. It wasn't as big as I pictured it, but it was still pretty. It was a fun hike anyway!! I we hardly EVER get chances like this to just do something spontaneous and take off for the afternoon. Steve has been working crazy hours lately and our time together as a family is few and far between. Time is precious!!!


Jake has been such a great big brother to Evan, much to my surprise ;) J has NEVER taken out his anger on Evan, in the 4 months that he's been alive. It could change, and probably will change at some point, haha, but for now I'll take the Sweet Older Brother! He always wants to be around him, and hates when Evan has to go down for naps. He'll sneak in Evan's room sometimes and I'll find him climbing up the crib just looking at him. I've noticed that Jake has kind of reverted back to baby-land in some ways.... he loves his crib again and wants to hang out with Evan in there and look at the mobile with him, he's been more affectionate toward me at times, like putting his head on my shoulder and wanting to sit on my lap, which isn't normal for him at all!! It's kinda nice :) Anytime I pull out a baby toy, Jake seems to "remember" that it's his, haha. I'm so excited for Evan to get bigger so that Jake can play more rough with him. He still isn't very soft with him, so I have to always watch him when they're together. Evan usually doesn't get too bothered with Jake poking him, haha. I know that they have a special bond already, Evan smiles at him so big, and when Jake's in the room he'll just watch him (and flinch if he comes too close, lol) and it's like he's thinking, "I need to get big FAST so I can do what he's doing!!" I think they're gonna be pals :)

Here are some pictures galore!!!

Jake shared his precious "tiger blankie" with Evan, it took us all by surprise! He doesn't give it to anyone!

This overhead playmat was Jake's favorite toy when he was a baby, and whenever I put Evan under it Jake usually gets in there with him, haha.

Holding Evan for the first time :)

I love ALL my boys!!!

First bath together

These last 2 pics were taken about a week ago, look how big E's getting!!

Evan's Baby Blessing

Evan was blessed on March 27, and Steve gave him such a special blessing. Evan will be an inspiration to people around him, and his mission will be very important to him. He was blessed with an ability to be accepting of different cultures, which Steve said later on he felt like that was meant for his mission. He has been blessed with a patient personality and a kind, sweet disposition which will benefit him in leadership positions someday. We just LOVE this little guy and can't wait to see him develop and his wonderful personality shine through!!!
Steve's parents and sister, Gina, were able to come down from Idaho and Utah for Evan's blessing, and my sis and bro-in-law, Emily and David, were able to come down from Provo to be there too!! We loved having family there, but it went by way too fast :( And unfortunately, my mom took all of the good pictures and I haven't gotten them from her yet! So here are some pics until I get the good ones ;)

Evan wore the same blessing outfit that Jake was blessed in. Their Grandma Knowles, the expert seamstress, made it for them!