Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last Trip to Seattle....

Whoa, this is a VERY late post, Jake and I took this trip more than a month ago! So, since my family is moving to California this summer, this was my very last trip there. It's sad because I LOVE Seattle, it's so pretty there, but I'm SUPER EXCITED that they are moving to Cali!!!! They won't be more than an hour 1/2 away, I can't even imagine how that's going to be!!! We haven't lived near family for about 2 years, and it's been hard at times, so needless to say, I can't wait for the summer! We had a fun trip, though, and we will miss Seattle. What I won't miss, however, is trying to keep Jake quiet and entertained on the plane! Whew ;)

We ate at this really fun Japanese (or Chinese??) restaurant, it's one that cooks the food right in front of you. Amazing!!

The zoo!!
Jake loved the chickens at the petting zoo part, tee hee.
Making messes is what he does best ;)
Aww how pretty.
We also ate at the Rainforest Cafe, and if you've never been there you HAVE to go! It's kinda expensive for the amount of food you get, but eating there is SO COOL with how it's decorated. Jake was very entertained, and he made a new friend......

Aww, hugs!

Jake and Aunt Sawah's favowite game! You just hit your head over and over again... sounds like fun, huh?? haha

Hoppy Easter :)

Yay, I'm finally updating this blog!! I'm waaaay behind, so bear with me! We had a fun Easter weekend this year, complete with egg coloring, lots of candy, good food, and General Conference! It was good to spend Saturday and Sunday at home watching Conference together as a family. Jake was very well-behaved during all the sessions on Saturday, but Sunday was a different story :/ I think he was tired of having Mom and Dad sit on the couch watching the TV....

But it was so good to have the Spirit so strongly in our home that weekend. I LOVE Conference, I look forward to it every time, because I know that I will receive answers to prayers, and I get to hear a prophet and apostles of the Lord speak to ME, and to the world, and bear witness that Christ is the Redeemer and that He lives! I love my Savior, I'm grateful for the Atonement, that He suffered and died for me. He knows what I am going through, and even at times where I may feel like no one understands me, I know that He does. I receive my strength through Him. "Two people can do anything, as long as one of them is the Lord."

But anyway :) I hope everyone had a FANTABULOUS Easter weekend!!! Does anyone still have candy left?? I know ours was gone about 5 days after Easter.... kinda scary!! But soooo good.

Dying Easter eggs!

All Jake was interested in after a while was putting the crayons in the holes.

Our b-e-a-utiful eggs! (not really) My favorite is the one that Jake scribbled so hard on that it cracked a big hole in it, and we couldn't dye it, hehe.
Oooo, basket grass...
And PEEPS!! And yes, sadly these are the only pics I got of the Easter basket madness. We were too busy eating the candy, I guess!

Monday, April 12, 2010

15 Months Already???

Our little Jake is 15 months old!! Well, as of a couple weeks ago. He just had his dr. appt. a couple days ago so I was able to get his stats! Steve and I LOVE being his parents, he is such a funny little boy. He keeps us laughing, that's for sure. He can be challenging at times, but we love him anyway ;) He is still a strong-willed, spirited child, and very independent. We're just crossing our fingers that these qualities will serve him well later on in life.... because right now they keep us on our toes! Jake's a great kid though, he's obedient most of the time, he loves to play and have fun, he's curious and a little chatterbox, he makes me laugh, and he's my little buddy all day long. We just love him, and we are having so much fun watching him grow up!!!

Don't you just love free entertainment??

HA! One night Jake kept walking around bent over with his hands on his knees, it looked so funny! I tried to get a video of him doing it, but of course he would stop as soon as I pushed record!
This is how much he l.o.v.e.s. yogurt..... Forget the spoon, man!

So I had opened the fridge to get Jake some more milk, and I left the fridge open while I was pouring it, and when I turned around to put the milk back in and this is what I found! Doesn't waste one second!
These are the shoes he picked out for us to wear one morning. And yes, that is a flip flop on my right foot, and yes, I am wearing socks. Jake just wanted to make sure I looked my best ;)

Height: 32 1/4 inches, 80th perc.
Weight: 23.11 oz, 40th perc.

He has 14 teeth, and only has his top 2 canines left! Well, until his 2 year old molars come in... yikes. At least we have some time until then :)

J Man's Favorite Things:
CARS and TRUCKS!! He is obsessed with anything that has wheels. He's been making car sounds for a while now, cracks me up!
Shoes. Big shoes, little shoes. He loves putting shoes on, taking them off, and then putting them back on again. And since he isn't very good at putting them on himself, it makes for a very "fun" game for Mom ;) But a few weeks ago, I was organizing Jake's clothes and came across some tiny, adorable newborn booties, and of course J had to put them on, and he got frustrated when his big toddler feet wouldn't fit. Made me a little teary eyed... he is just growing up too fast.
His Little People Garage.
Stuffed animals and real animals.
Giving kisses :)
Throwing his diaper away. He knows that the diaper trash can is out on the deck, and he eagerly reaches for his wadded up diaper after we change it and holds it high above his head like it's a trophy or something and bee-lines it for the trash. Love it!
Being outside.
Books. His #1 fave right now is called Millie Moo, about a cow who loses her barnyard friends. Don't worry, she finds them ;) When he brings me the book for me to read it to him he says, "Moo, moo." But it sounds more like, "Mo, mo." hehe

Words he knows:

Well, not a whole lot yet! But he DOES say, "Wha sat??" and "Wha sis??" to anything and everything, for reals. He's totally gonna be that annoying kid that says, "WHY??" all the time. BAH!! Well, at least he's curious, right? :/
He loves to say "No," yep that's a fun one.
Drink= din
Shoe= see-oo
Cheese= cheh
Sign language: more, thirsty, hungry, all done, thank you.
Animal noises: elephant, dog, mouse, cow, bird, monkey

Things he can do:

Go up and down the stairs with one hand holding on to the rail, standing up. This is one of my FAVORITE things he can do, since we live in a 2nd floor apartment!
Kick a ball
Stack blocks
Feed himself with a spoon, but only if the food is kinda sticky, like applesauce, yogurt or oatmeal, things like that.
Blow kisses
Point to body parts
Fold his arms when we're saying a prayer
Throw fits. Yep. also a fun one ;)