Saturday, October 6, 2012

Firetrucks and Aquariums

We have a fireman in our ward that let Jake and two of his little buddies come to the firehouse and take a tour of a firetruck!  To say it was the best day in their lives is an understatement.  They loved every second and had huge bug-eyes the entire time we were there, they couldn't take everything in fast enough! 
 They got some cool flashlights that they used on anything and everything.

 The fireman gave the boys full sized Snickers bars, then apologized to the moms later, haha!

 We got to ride on the firetruck!!!  It was awesome!  They turned on the sirens and everything and they boys put on the headphones and talked in the walkie-talkies.  Little boy heaven!!
We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach with my Dad and Sarah.  Evan was in awe and pointing at everything he saw!  It's so fun to watch him learn and grow and see what things he likes.  It was fun with Jake too, because the last time we came to this Aquarium he was too young to really get into it, but this time he wanted to learn about everything and kept asking questions and it was soooo fun.  I love teaching my kids about life!   
 Jake was brave enough to touch the jellyfish, I think that was the highlight of this trip for him :)  He was sooo proud of himself and kept talking about it the rest of the day, haha.

 Poor Evan was soooo tired!  We got off to a late start and didn't get there until like 12, which was close to nap time, of course.  He was a trooper though.

 This is a life-size model of a blue whale, which is the largest animal on earth, and it really puts things is perspective with how HUGE whales actually are!!  They are the length of 3 school buses.  Crazy!
 Love these two!!!

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