Monday, October 8, 2012

The Evan-ator

Here are some pics and info of Mr. E at 15 months!!  We are soooo glad that Evan is part of our family, he is such a joy, and the happiest little guy!  He is constantly making us laugh at the cute things he does, and he brings so much love into our lives.  He is 100% boy, with a love for anything with wheels or that flies, loves building with legos, blocks, or anything he can stack, would live outside if I let him, climbs on everything!  He's our little monkey boy.  He adores animals and has to pet any dog, cat or hamster that he sees, and when it's a stuffed animal he'll give it a hug and tuck it under his chin, haha.  He's a cuddler, especially when he has his favorite blanket with him and he's watching TV, which he also loves... a little too much.  He loves playing toddler games on my iPad and he's actually pretty good!  He loves music and dances to any toy that plays a tune, and loves having the radio on in the car or music playing at home.  He'll usually nod his head, bounce around or kick his leg to the beat.  WE ADORE HIM!!!!
Here's proof of his love for animals!  He loves my parents' Golden Retriever, Ace.  He's a good pillow :)

 Giving Ace his bone

 This is how he's been walking lately, with both his arms behind him and leaned forward, like he's trying to fly, haha. 

 Bahahaha, I wish the camera captured just how funny this looked, but his lips were dry, I guess, and got caught on his gums and it stayed like this for a couple minutes, it was hilarious!!
 I love my boys!!!
 So Evan likes to play in the dishwasher.  He knows how to unlatch it and bring it down and he'll put his toys in the silverware baskets and in the cups on the top rack.  I would try and get him to stop but he just has so much fun and he's so cute, so it really doesn't bother me ;)  But this one particular day he climbed all the way in, which he's never done, and he totally got stuck and was hanging on for dear life, LOL!!!!  And yes, I let him hang out there long enough to turn on the camera and take a picture, haha.  He wasn't about to let go!!  It hasn't happened since, lol.  Silly boy.

 Little cutie bug

These little brothers adore each other. Evan follows Jake around all day, trying to do exactly what he does, and Jake likes to have Evan with him, at least most of the time ;) They are true buddies and we hope they stay pals forever!  Here is some of their wrestle mania time that happens a lot :)


 And it usually ends with Evan pulling Jake's hair, haha.  Not very hard, but just enough to get a rise out him.  Which is something he's gotten good at with Jake, and it makes Steve and I laugh soooo hard.
 Evan and his cars
 I don't know how he does it but he ALWAYS makes a HUGE mess with everything he is eating!!  This is a typical sight after he's done with a meal.  hahaha
Playing on my sister's iPhone :)  How is he old enough to know what to do?!  Stop growing up so fast, E!!!
 I love this precious boy!!!

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